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A Lecture by an Internationally Renowned Scholar

Date 2018-10-25 5081 Clicks

The founder of Tamkang University, the late Clement C.P. Chang, along with his wife, Carrie Chang, donated NT $300 million to set up a foundation and establish the "Tamkang Clement and Carrie Chair Lecture Series". The object is to attract international luminaries from various fields, including former Nobel Prize recipients, national academicians, and eminent scholars to come to Tamkang University and deliver lectures in their field of expertise. These lectures not only serve to lift the academic standards of the university, as well as its reputation internationally, but also to enhance and broaden the horizons of the students and faculty at TKU.

In the inaugural lecture of the Tamkang Clement and Carrie Chair Lecture Series, TKU invited Dr. Heinz Brandl, an honorary professor at the University of Vienna, Austria, to deliver a keynote speech. Held on the afternoon of Oct 23 at the Shou-Chien International Conference Hall, the speech centered on two very technical topics: 1) Cyclic preloading of in-situ piles and 2) Box-shaped deep foundations (piles, etc.) improving bearing settlement and seismic behaviour of structures. Over 300 students, faculty, and staff attended the talk.

Dr. Heinz Brandl is a world-renowned scholar in the field of civil engineering. He has been conferred the title of academician in Austria, Belgium, and Russia and served as the Vice Chairman of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering in the first year of its inception. To date, he has published over 580 academic papers and authored 21 books.

His recent visit will not only help spur further research in the field of civil engineering among students and faculty, but will also strengthen relations between overseas scholars and the civil engineering sector in Taiwan.