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An Orchid Exhibition at the TKU Tamsui Campus

Date 2018-11-02 4113 Clicks

To celebrate Tamkang University's 68th anniversary, an orchid exhibition was held Nov 1-3, 2018, at the TKU Black Swan Exhibition Hall, Tamsui Campus. Aesthetically pleasing, the exhibition attracted large numbers of TKU faculty, staff, and students, who converged on the exhibition hall to take in the beauty of the flora on display, and smell the sweat floral scent.

A total of 312 orchids were showcased in 19 separate display areas, the orchards coming from all around Taiwan – Northern, Central, and Southern. The judges assigned to appraise the orchids first sorted them into four broad categories, and then chose the best and prettiest ones to enter the "final stage" of judging.

On the afternoon of Nov 1, the chairperson and former President of TKU, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, visited the exhibition, where she was accompanied by a large group of TKU senior staff.