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Reaching the Summit – Conquering One's Fear at Lanyang

Date 2018-12-07 3139 Clicks

Tamkang University's Lanyang Campus is known for its Junior Abroad program, in which campus juniors go abroad on a comprehensive student exchange program; for its academic courses, which are all conducted in English; and for its residential college lifestyle, in which all students stay in the residential colleges on campus. These are the features that set Lanyang apart from other campuses. To enrich the education Lanyang students receive while staying at the residential colleges, the administration holds a diverse range of activities. On the afternoon of Dec 5, an activity was held at the Shao-Mo Memorial Activity Center, Lanyang Campus. Entitled "Reaching the Summit, Conquering One's Fear" the activity saw students come together to experience the thrill of rock climbing.

Rock climbing is a sport that evolved from hiking, and training for it entails drilling skills typically used for hiking. The purpose of the activity was to help students gain a handle on and overcome the fear that arises while rock climbing. The day's activities required students to assist each other, to display mutual trust, and, above all, to develop a sense of teamwork.

After rigorous training, the students eventually donned their safety harnesses and were ready to take on the challenge. Under the careful eye of the instructor, students pressed upward, one foot at a time, and at the end of the day, they had overcome their fears, successfully challenged themselves, and gained a taste of what it feels like to triumph.