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TKU Chairperson Presented National Quality Award by President Tsai

Date 2018-12-07 3949 Clicks

On Dec 6, 2018, the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, held the 25th National Quality Award presentation ceremony at the Taipei International Convention Center. During the ceremony, the President of Taiwan, Tsai Ying-wen, personally presented the Business Excellence Award to the Chairperson of Tamkang University, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang. Two Tamkang University alumni – Chiang Cheng-rong and Weng Chun-min – were also honored during the ceremony, receiving the Role Model for Industry Support Award and the Role Model for Business Technology Award respectively. Over 500 guests attended this year's ceremony.

During her opening address, President Tsai explained that, given the rapidly changing nature of the global economy, the government has been encouraging industries to more readily embrace innovation as they move forward. She commended the recipients of the National Quality Award, saying that "the award recipients have been actively promoting 'total quality management' and have shown exceptional leadership and management abilities in their respective fields." Moreover, she noted, their uncompromising standards of quality and constant innovations have served to elevate society as a whole. "It is thanks to exceptional people like you, the recipients" she remarked, "that Taiwan has such high-quality products and services, which in turn help to enhance Taiwan's competitiveness on the global stage."

In her subsequent speech, the TKU Chairperson, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, stated that "quality is a long and never-ending road." Chang further noted that, while she had received the quality award granted to individuals, Tamkang University is presently in line to receive the National Quality Award for a business or organization for the tenth successive year. "This is a form of final recognition for the 26 years I've devoted to promoting quality management within higher education." Chang emphasized that the process is more important than the result. Thanks to the TKU "House of Quality", performance targets for staff to achieve are clearly defined, and this is in large part why TKU has been able to create such a friendly campus.