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Lanyang Campus Receives Approval for Upgrade, Establishes Office of the Vice President

Date 2018-12-17 3621 Clicks

On the afternoon of Dec 14, 2018, the Ministry of Education approved an amendment to Lanyang Campus's organizational structure, which saw the Director's Office promoted to the status of Office of the Vice President. Subsequently, on the afternoon of Dec 17, a ceremony to mark the event was held at the Hsu Shou-Chlien International Conference Hall, Tamsui Campus. Hosted by the President of Tamkang University, Dr. Huan-Chao Keh, the ceremony was attended by close to 80 high-level TKU faculty and staff.

The event proceeded with the symbolic handing of an envelope by President Keh to the newly promoted Vice President, Dr. Jyh-Horng Lin. During President Keh's opening address, he praised Vice President Lin, noting the latter's extensive experience, and his myriad credentials, which include previously serving as the chair of the Department of International Business, the director of the Center for Future Research, the director of the College of Community Development and College of Global Development, and the director of the Lanyang Campus. After becoming the director of the Lanyang Campus in 2004, he was responsible for planning and overseeing the renovation of the campus dormitories, and handling school admissions in preparation for the official opening of the campus in 2006. The small team he was in charge of overcame numerous difficulties along the way, and continued to promote the core principles of the then newly-established Lanyang Campus. These included the "three ‘alls’": all junior students travel abroad on exchange programs, all classes are conducted in English, and all students stay in residential colleges on campus. Its English-only environment has become a widely known feature of Tamkang University.

The ceremony ended with heartfelt blessings for the continued success and growth of the Lanyang Campus, offered by teachers from each of Tamkang's campuses. It was a heartwarming way to conclude the celebration.