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The TKU Cultural Trip - Exploring the Beauty of Taiwan

Date 2019-05-04 3089 Clicks

To give foreign students a taste of the local Taiwanese culture and folk rituals, the International Office organizes a cultural trip once every semester. These trips offer students the chance to appreciate Taiwan’s natural beauty, sample local delicacies, and experience slow living in Taiwan.

This year's Spring Cultural Trip for foreign students was held May 4, 2019, with participants led by the Vice President for International Affairs, Dr. Kao-Cheng Wang. A total of 88 students from 24 countries took part, including overseas Chinese students, Mainland Chinese students, exchange students, and foreign students.

The site of this semester’s cultural trip was Wulai, a patch of water upstream from the Nanshi River. Participants were taken to the top of a mountain in Wulai, to the Atayalbalay Aboriginal Village, where they swapped their clothes for traditional aboriginal garb, and experienced living like the Atayal.

In the afternoon the group visited the Atayal museum, where it learned about Atayal history and ancient relics, and even witnessed a live rendition of an Ayatal musical instrument, the jaw harp, performed by the tour guide.