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The Island's First All-English Graduation Ceremony Held at Lanyang

Date 2019-06-01 5424 Clicks

The 11th Lanyang Campus Commencement kicked off at 10 am on June 1, 2019. Held at the Shao-Mo Memorial Activity Center, the event was conducted exclusively in English to comply with the English-only environment established at the Lanyang Campus.

In total, 208 students graduated this year. At 9:30 am on the morning of Commencement, students followed their teachers on the ritual “final lap” of the campus, as they were guided from the Clement Chang International Conference Hall to the mini “slope of overcoming difficulty” (132 steps in all). They were accompanied by students from lower years who held bouquets of flowers and gifts, and cheered with joy as they embraced the graduating students and offered their blessings for the future.