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Professor Li Chi-wang – Helping Create a Sustainable Environment

Date 2019-12-30 3431 Clicks

Dr. Li Chi-wang is a professor in the TKU Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering. In college, he studied water resources and hydrology, but later came to focus on technology related to wastewater treatment and water quality. Professor Li remembers: “Of course, there were many setbacks as I changed the focus of my research, and many obstacles to face and overcome. It wasn't an area in which I was proficient, so I had to spend more time learning and be more studious than my classmates.” To date, Professor Lee has gained five patents. His research in recent years has seen him apply BioNET technology to remove water hardness from tap water and heavy metals from industrial wastewater.

Lee believes that, once an individual has made a decision and is willing to research and delve deeply into a topic, there is nothing that cannot be achieved. He believes that research is similar to life. “We must seize our opportunities. Only after taking a leap of faith can we know the right path forward. It's like doing scientific research. Only through testing and verification can we obtain the results.”