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The 8th Department Development Award - 8 Department/Institute Enters Secondary Audition

Date 2020-04-20 3753 Clicks

The History of Award Winning Departments & Institutions
The History of Award Winning Departments & Institutions

The Tamkang University Office of Quality Assurance and Audit announced on April 15th that The 8th Department Development Award includes the list of the following nominated departments/institutes: The Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Japanese, Graduate Institute of China Studies (Master’s Program), Department of Aerospace Engineering, Department of Banking and Financing, Department of Educational Technology, Department of Accounting, and Graduate Institute of International Affairs and Strategic Studies.

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has won awards for seven consecutive years, and the Department of Computer Sciences and Information Engineering with the Department of Statistics both won 5 times, will not participate in the evaluation this year. The audit will be held on May 15th at 1 PM in Chueh-Sheng International Conference Hall, and achievement/development presentations and briefings will be conducted by nominated departments and institutes.

The Chairman of the Department of Civil Engineering Dr. Cheng-Hisn Chang was grateful that they were nominated again this year. Having many award-winning experiences, the content of the briefing will be presented in accordance with the school ’s five major performance indicators, hoping to win the award again this time.

The Chairman of the Department of Japanese Dr. Chiou-Guey Tzeng was quite surprised to be nominated. She will collaborate with all of the teachers and students to prepare for the briefing hoping to have an outstanding performance.

The Director of the Graduate Institute of China Studies (Master’s Program) Dr. Chi-Keung Li was very pleased with the achievements of the department in the past year and the joint efforts of all teachers and students. The presentation will highlight practical teaching courses and demonstrate the roles of teachers and students in cross-strait affairs.

The Department of Aerospace Engineering won the Development Award last year and was nominated again this year. Chairman Dr. Pu-Woei Chen thanked the University for providing all of the department teachers and students with such honor. They will well-prepare themselves for all of the necessary resources to face the upcoming challenges and hoping to create a diversified developmental department in the future.

The Chairman of the Department of Banking and Financing Dr. Yu-Hung Chen was delighted to be audited again and she thanked all of the teachers and students in the department for their efforts. The Chairman is actively planning out for the contents of the briefing and trying to highlight the characteristics of the department, hoping to gain recognition.

The Chairman of the Department of Educational Technology Dr. Shih-Chung Lee mentioned that this is their second nomination. In addition to the presentation of the five major performance indicators in the department, they will also feature their graduation topics and enterprise internships to emphasize the connections between students and enterprises.

The Department of Accounting was awarded the Development Award last year. The Chairman of the department Dr. Fan-Han Kung was surprised and happy, however, the pressure and responsibility arose right after. They will be well prepared for this upcoming presentation. Since the strength of the Department of Accounting has always been fundraising, they plan to share the methods of fundraising and the "RSM Taiwan Industry-Academia Collaboration Program" in the briefing to help students get employed immediately upon graduation.

The Graduate Institute of International Affairs and Strategic Studies received the Development Award last year, the Director Dr. Ming-Hsien Wong was very pleased to hear the news of the getting nominated again. He mentioned that our institute is the only institute in the country that focuses on international affairs and strategic studies. Our institute plays an important role in the development of national security and will continue to improve our teaching, researching, and conducting employment counseling collaborations with relevant units domestically.