Teaching Practice Research Results Published, Nearly Hundreds of Teachers Participated

DATE 2020/11/23 VISITORS 1317

Teaching Practice Research Results

How teachers resolve issues encountered during teaching and further improves the effectiveness of students’ learning is the focus of the teaching practice research program. The Center for Teacher Professional Development of the Office of Academic Affairs held the "Tamkang University Teaching Practice Research Program 2019 Annual Project Outcomes Presentation Seminar" on November 16th. "Painting Results Presentation and Exchange Meeting", Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Chii-Dong Ho, the Dean of Academic Affairs Dr. Chun-Hung Lin, the Chief Information Officer Dr. Chin-Hwa Kuo, and nearly hundreds of teachers attended the event.

A total of 23 project hosts from the 2019 Teaching Practice Research Project were invited at the meeting, divided into "Engineering," "Business Management/USR/Technology," "General Studies (including Physical Education)," "Humanities/Engineering," "Education," "People's Livelihood/Society," six sessions to publish the results of the project, the seminar on the tips of how to proceed with the application for the project, posters of the results will be displayed on site for reference, and will be exhibited on the second floor of the library from November 17th till 22nd.

At the seminar, Dr. Chii-Dong Ho stated that Tamkang is a research-oriented teaching university, actively encouraged and assisted by the Center for Teacher Professional Development of the Office of Academic Affairs, and with the attention and efforts of many teaching faculties, 36 projects were passed in the year of 2020. "Obtaining the first place in the country is not our main goal, we hope to witness that all teachers may advance their teaching methods through teaching practice and improve teaching quality and learning effectiveness. As of today, we do not need to invite teachers from other universities or colleges to share their project results, this shows that Tamkang's promotion of teaching practice research has been exceptionally effective. We hope that everyone will continue this enthusiasm and work together along this path." The Dean of Academic Affairs mentioned that he would provide necessary assistance and support at any time and welcomes all to fully utilize this resource. The Chief Information Officer Dr. Chin-Hwa Kuo also explained that the function of the iClass teaching platform is actively strengthened to help teachers grasp the learning status and changes of students.

Teaching Practice Research Results
Teaching Practice Research Results