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The College of Liberal Arts Invites International Scholars to Talk About Entrepreneurship. James Chu: Creative Thinking on Digital Transformation

Date 2021-03-20 1072 Clicks

The College of Liberal Arts held an international scholar’s speech at the Ching-Sheng International Conference Hall from 1 to 3 PM on March 18th, inviting the ViewSonic Chairman James Chu with the topics of "Working hard, Hardworking, and Using the Right Methods: Discuss the Importance of Creative Ideas.” Business performance has experienced great storms and he relied on creative ideas and reverse thinking to seize opportunities and turn crises into turning points.

The Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Dr. Chen-Jung Lin presided over: “ViewSonic and the university’s strategic alliance, how to face problems in the ever-changing era, and how to turn around when encountering difficulties, Chairman James Chu nay provide experiences for students to learn from.” James Chu said: “He wanted to be an extraordinary person but he became the most ordinary person before his college years. If he didn’t change his life, he would never have the chance anymore.” In his first job as a salesperson, by relying on the mentality of trying many ways, not afraid of failures, he sold computers and language teaching materials, which he obtained outstanding results.

He formally entered the computer industry in 1984, founded ViewSonic in 1990, and hit a record high in profit in 2020. James Chu led the company's team to achieve achievements in monitors, projectors, and digital whiteboards. He has also encountered ups and downs, such as the crisis of the product line being out of stock, the failure of the diversification of hardware thinking products, the collapse of display panel prices, and the 2008 financial turmoil. He was able to resolve the crisis confidently. In response to the pandemic, ViewSonic developed the myViewBoard digital teaching software to upgrade remote teaching equipment. After the pandemic era, he also predicted that compound teaching will solve the evolutionary problem of global education.