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TKU Chung-Ling Library Glamorously Won the 2021 UK IPA

Date 2021-05-09 2181 Clicks

Since the opening of the Chung-Ling Library on the 3rd floor of the Chemistry Building in December of last year, its colorful environment, reading, and discussion area has been favored by faculties and students. The 2021 UK International Property Awards (IPA), known as the Oscars in the real estate industry, is the best public space design category and has a high social status in the hearts of the world's top architects and designers.

The Chung-Ling Library is jointly funded by Dr. Lawrence Jian-Xiang Lin, the president of the Tamkang University ROC Alumni Association Headquarters, and the alumni of the chemistry department. Dr. Lawrence Jian-Xiang Lin invited Wan-Ting Chen, the design director of DJ+ Plus Design Interiors & Construction Company to plan for the designs. After discussing and finalizing the proposal, the wall on the right side of the entrance displays the development history of the Department of Chemistry. The large-sided stained glass and steel design of the chemical beaker and test tubes are very ingenious on the part of the stairs.

Dr. Lawrence Jian-Xiang Lin said that it’s a pity that this space was only used as a place to store the collection of books since it should be opened for use by all faculties and students. The Dean of the Library Sheue-Fang Song mentioned, "We showed the designers many foreign library plans, from the user's point of view that the interior shouldn’t be a confined space, and it should be safe, beautiful, with a great atmosphere for reading, etc., the designers were able to accomplish these criteria one by one outstandingly." The Chairman of the Department of Chemistry Dr. Yau-Hung Chen expressed his gratitude for the support of all department alumni. The library is open and transparent, and there are flexible compartments for teachers and students to discuss or use for publicity. High school students have been invited for seminars, alumni visits, faculty-student discussions, and everyone who enters praises our environment.

The UK IPA has been ongoing for 28 years since 1993. It is a world-renowned indicator of excellence and the award ranges buildings from residential to commercial real estate designers from all over the world. The judges are composed of construction professionals worldwide. The selection method divides the world into Africa, Asia Pacific, Arabia, Canada, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Thousands of contestants from hundreds of countries compete every year. Those with the highest scores in each division will enter the international awards, and the competition will be more intense.

Wan-Ting Chen, the design director of DJ+ Plus Design Interiors & Construction Company has been recognized by design-related awards in UK, France, Germany, United States, and Italy. She believes that participating in the competition can expand her horizons and helps her to pursue improvement. Thanks to Tamkang University for providing her with this opportunity. She is delighted to be able to compete with global excellence. The architectural works jointly competed for the world awards, writing beautiful achievements for the development of Taiwan's architecture.