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Department's Development Awards Announced - School Affairs Meeting Praised the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Accounting, Educational Technology, and Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering

Date 2021-06-21 4254 Clicks

The 85th School Affairs Meeting was held at 2 PM on June 11th via MS Teams. It was presided over by President Dr. Huan-Chao Keh. The university's first-level supervisor, second-level teaching administrative directors, teachers, and student representatives participated in the meeting. The 9th "Department Development Award" was announced during the meeting. The winning departments are Chemical and Materials Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Accounting, Educational Technology, and Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering. President Keh presented the trophy and 150,000 NTD on the morning of June 9th in advance

Principal Keh said that the university’s pandemic prevention is handled under relevant regulations. At the same time, pandemic prevention measures and publicity are strengthened in response to the situation. For example, on May 2nd, teachers and students are reminded to wear masks while attending classes and taking the elevators. On May 14th, comprehensive remote learning is announced. On May 18th, teachers may apply for remote teaching at home based on their personal needs. In addition to maintaining the health of faculty and staff, Tamkang also hoped to maintain the effectiveness of students’ learning. "The university provides adequate resources and support to help teachers proceed with their teachings smoothly. Distance teaching is more helpful for maintaining the quality of teaching."

The special report was titled "Transcendence – Go Beyond to the Cloud" by Chief Information Officer, Dr. Chin-Hwa Kuo. The Office of Information Services is currently working on the dual-track transformation and linking SDGs, including the strategic alliance with Microsoft, the promotion of an all-cloud campus, and the introduction of a digital operating model. An example would be, the O365 has continued to strengthen the digital use of faculty and students in response to the pandemic to improve the effectiveness of student learning and employees’ home office work. It has also promoted the digital transformation of "Information Application: Three Arrows of Wisdom," creating a smart learning meeting model and enhancing campus digital surroundings. In terms of system development services, the system development efficiency is improved by combining the needs of business units through the "development of core systems." Finally, the "1234 plan" for the 2021-2022 academic year is mentioned, and a vision is set to "create full cloud intelligence." "Campus," dual-engine MS Azure & MS 365, three arrows Smart PASS, Smart TELL, and Smart PDCA are promoted to achieve the "world-renowned all-cloud smart campus," "more than 50% of the teaching faculties and students will use Smart PASS, and foreign language teaching will enable Smart TELL.” The four indicators are "Smart TELL," "Smart PDCA used in university meetings,” “Service robots enabled," and "Starting from the 2023 academic year, more than 10 alumni companies are invited to participate in the International Program for Simplicity and Fortitude."

Student Council President Zhao-Ting Cheng suggested that the current process of the university should be based on the full online procedures to reduce student movement. Dr. Chun-Hung Lin, the Dean of Academic Affairs, responded by mentioning to handle the situation as lenient as possible and in a flexible manner; Speaker of the Student Council Zi-You Ma mentioned that if iClass exceeds 10,000 people concurrently online, the quality will become unstable, and students fear of affecting their final exams, the Chief Information Officer Dr. Chin-Hwa Kuo replied that the system has been adjusted, and 15,000 people can be concurrently online without experiencing technical difficulties.

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