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In the Ceremony of Awarding the 13th Principal's Letter of Appointment and the 111 Academic Year Publicizing and Unit Supervisor Handover, Chairman Zhang affirmed the performance of the Tamkang team and expected to surpass it again

Date 2022-08-02 2353 Clicks

On August 1, the secretariat held the "Issuing the 13th Principal's Letter of Appointment and the 111th Academic Year Publicizing and Unit Supervisor Handover Ceremony". Chairman Flora Chia-I Chang issued the 13th school's letter of appointment to Principal Huan-Chao Keh. 4 vice-principals, 8 first-level supervisors and 18 second-level supervisors are handed over. Lawrence Lin, chairman of the Republic of China Alumni Association, Chen-Rong Chian, director of the Elite Alumni Association, the new and old vice presidents, and the heads of administrative and academic first and second-level units attended the meeting.

Chairman Chang affirmed Principal Keh's school management achievements over the past four years, and once again revealed "macro vision and policy", "winning leadership team", "high-quality teachers and students", "sufficient resources and equipment" and "clear performance indicators" Five school management concepts, expecting the new director to continue to submit outstanding transcripts under the leadership of Principal Keh; Principal Keh thanked the board of directors for the affirmation, and at the same time felt a great responsibility; he thanked the outgoing directors for their support, dedication and contribution to the school, also hoping that the new supervisor can understand the key development plans of the school in the shortest time, and continue to lead the unit to innovate and advance under the good foundation laid by the previous supervisor.

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