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The only industry-government-academic cooperation in the country to cultivate fintech talents. Tamkang signed a memorandum with Caijin and Puhong

Date 2022-08-03 1995 Clicks

Dr. Keh Huan-Chao, the president of the school, Oscar Lin , the chairman of the Financial Information Service Company, and Todd Lin, the chairman of Provision Information Company, signed a letter of intent for industry-university cooperation at the Hsu Shou-Chlien International Conference Center of the school on the morning of August 3, leading the country to establish an industry-government-academy oriented by corporate needs. Technology alliance to jointly cultivate talents in the financial technology industry.

In the cooperation of the three parties, in addition to the establishment of employment courses or professional courses, the school will assist in the selection of outstanding talents, provide professional teachers, assist the two companies in consulting support and professional consultation on corporate diagnosis and product development, and form a teacher research and development group to conduct industrial production. The two companies will give priority to providing opportunities for students of the school to go to their affiliated institutions at home and abroad for internships, assist in various workplace internships and corporate visits, and hold industry-university technical seminars and matching activities in related fields from time to time.

The signing ceremony was presided over by President Keh Huan-Chao. Several senior executives from Financial and Provision Information Company, as well as first- and second-level supervisors and teachers from Tamkang University, attended the event. In his speech, President Ge first introduced the school and said that since its founding nearly 72 years ago, Tamkang has cultivated more than 290,000 alumni with internationalization, informatization, and future as its educational philosophy: "According to unofficial statistics, every three Among the information talents, one is an alumnus of the Department of Information and Engineering of our school.” He also revealed that the school’s development plan for the 112-116 academic year has set out to actively create a “local international/smart future/permanent” The goal of "Continuing to the Cloud" is to cooperate with leading companies, so that students can be employed immediately after graduation and enhance their competitiveness.

The financial technology talent training program between our school and the two companies has been launched in the second semester of the 2021 academic year. The technical and business managers of the two companies serve as industry teachers. Their active learning attitude left a deep impression on the teachers. At the same time, students find it very rare and rewarding to be exposed to the practical aspects of financial technology during their studies. In the 2022 academic year, the course was redesigned into a series of courses of "Fintech Theory and Practice". The last semester focused on introducing industrial applications and trends. The course content covers mobile payment, electronic payment, financial blockchain, Open API, FIDO and other latest financial technologies. In the next semester, students will be lead to understand the general situation of banking application system, and take the financial and financial inter-bank system as the target, learn payment transactions, cross-platform architecture design, and practice cross-system implementation in Java.

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