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30-Years Achievements of TQM in Tamkang University

Date 2022-10-14 1605 Clicks

On October 14th, the ceremony of signing the MOU between Tamkang university and Chinese Society for Quality (CSQ) was held at Chang Yeo Lan International Conference Hall of the Hsu Shou-Chlien International Conference Center. President Dr. Huan-Chao Keh, Chairperson Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, 3 vice presidents, all first- and second- level supervisors from TKU, as well as Chairman Robert S. Y. Lu, Secretary General Chen, executive supervisor Liu from CSQ, and more than 150 guests attended the ceremony. The MOU was signed by President Keh and Chairman Lu on behalf of both parties, aiming at improving quality and educating talents. The ceremony unveils the celebration of the 30th anniversary of promoting Total Quality Management (TQM) in Tamkang.

President Keh remarked that since Dr. Clement C. P. Chang, the Founder of TKU, had invited TQM into TKU in 1992, the university has been proactively improving the quality of teaching and administration, and won the 19th National Quality Award in 2009. He also mentioned that AI+SDGs=∞, being actively promoted in Tamkang currently, is the upgrading of TQM, while as important items of the pursuit of quality, digital transformation and net zero emissions are included in the criteria of National Quality Award. Both parties will exchange and promote quality management and related information, collaborate on training talents to achieve a win-win situation and move toward common good society.

Chairperson Chang stated that all first- and second-level supervisors’ presence in the ceremony shows the top management commitment, one of the 6 principles of TQM. She hoped everyone to implement the principle and improve quality in the future. And then, she mentioned that she had found an important point in the process when the university was applying for the National Quality Award, i.e. continuous improvement through PDCA. Thanks to Chairman Lu’s reminding when he was in the reviewing committee which helped TKU fully push forward TQM and won the recognition of National Quality Award. Finally, Chairperson Chang wished everyone to continue the implementation of TQM, make Tamkang better, and stride toward the next 30 years.

Robert S. Y. Lu expressed his admiration for the Founder, Dr. Clement C. P. Chang for his foresight and his dedication to promote TQM, praised for his leadership in enhancing the quality of TKU, and gave recognition to the university’s sustaining after receiving the award. Finally, he shared the latest definition of quality: exceeding customer’s expectation and maintaining the Earth sustainable. He hoped that both parties incorporate resources and work together for quality improvement after signing the MOU.

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