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ISO14064-1 Training Course Cultivated New Blood for Carbon Detection Team

Date 2023-05-01 1132 Clicks

Tamkang University and the Taiwan Environmental Protection and Education Foundation (EPF, 財團法人台灣環保文教基金會) cooperated to hold an "ISO 14064-1:2018" training course on April 22nd and 23rd at Taipei campus. The aim was to establish skills in verifying greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, enhance the concept of sustainable development, and learn how to effectively conduct verifications through group collaboration. More than 30 students participated.

The course was taught by EPF, and its content included explaining the impact of GHG on climate change, introducing the content of ISO 14064-1:2018, relevant legal content and case studies, how to introduce GHG verification systems, and preliminary implementation of GHG verification on campus. It is hoped that participants can have a deeper understanding of the methods of verifying, reporting, and validating GHG emissions, and learn the operational mode of GHG verification through group discussion. During the speech, Dr. Sue-Huai Gau, the Chairman of the Foundation and Specially Appointed Professor of Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering at our university, said that environmental issues have become a global issue, and "students are the main force of the future society. I hope you can learn well in the course, apply what you have learned with enthusiasm and creativity, and contribute to the environmental cause together."

Dr. Chi-Wang Li, the Head of the Net-Zero Carbon Emissions Section at SDSI, explained that our school will implement a carbon footprint verification (CVF) this year. In addition to cultivating assistance personnel through relevant courses, we also hope to gradually promote environmental sustainability and net zero carbon emission-related knowledge to all faculty, staff, and students. Students participating in the courses will form a "Carbon Detective Group" (偵『碳』小組) to assist the school in conducting GHG verification. In the future, more faculty, staff, and students will be recruited to promote the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development, and work towards the goal of "Net-zero campus on TKU 100th anniversary" together.

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