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SDSI & General Affairs Office Share Achievements of SDGs Education

Date 2023-05-01 937 Clicks

On the morning of April 22nd, the Center for Sustainable Development and Social Innovation (SDSI) and the Office of General Affairs were invited to participate in the 2023 Climate Change Exhibition "My City, My Guardianship ~ New Taipei Green Living" (我的城市,我守護~新北綠生活) hosted by the Sustainable Environment Education Center of New Taipei City (新北市永續環境教育中心), showcasing their achievements in promoting environmental and sustainable education along with other units.

SDSI presented the "Great Tamsui Environmental Protection Chronicles" (大淡水環保志)produced by the team of Tamsui Good Days – TKU USR project, series of documentaries from the perspectives of environmental education, ecological education, water resources and marine waste, tourist farms, and sustainable development, recording how the protagonists in the videos contributed to the Tamsui environment. They also exhibited the results of the "Campus SDGs Environmental Sustainability Workshop" activity, showing the fish eye maps of the campus and the surrounding environment drawn by elementary school students in the Tamsui area, led by the head of SDSI's Social Practice and Strategy Section, Dr. Rui-mao Huang. Dr. Huang explained that unlike regular maps, fish eye maps are not limited by frames, and using them to draw can help students see the connection between the school and the surrounding landscape as a whole. "These schools are located in different places, some are on the mountains, some are by the river. Drawing fish eye maps can help elementary school students understand the relationship between the school and the city."

The Office of General Affairs displayed the "CEED" app designed by the "Everyday Carbon Reduction CEED" (天天減碳CEED) project team of the Department of Information Management, as well as the university's "Zero Carbon Emission Schedule." Kung-Yao Lee, a 4th-year student of the Department of Information Management, explained that the purpose of designing "CEED" is to allow users to record their daily carbon emissions from the 4 aspects of "home, diet, transportation, and consumption" and identify which behaviors emit carbon. This helps users develop the habit of reducing carbon emissions. For example, the "bill scanning area" in the "home" theme can record the carbon emissions generated by water and electricity bills through text recognition. The "Zero Carbon Emission Schedule" is the university's plan for promoting carbon reduction from 2022 to 2050. Through "campus carbon emission disclosure" and "identification of major indirect emission sources," the university examines its carbon emission sources and makes relevant reduction plans to achieve the goal of "implementing 100% carbon neutrality, complying with environmental protection, social responsibility, and university governance" by 2050. The Center for Sustainability will also hold a sustainable campus life experiment competition, inviting students to propose relevant suggestions and implementation strategies for campus sustainability governance to build their vision of a sustainable campus.

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