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Graduation Ceremony - Digital Sustainable Blessings for Students' Limitless Growth

Date 2023-06-03 1087 Clicks

On June 3rd, at 10:00 am, Tamkang University held the graduation ceremony for the 2022 academic year at the Shao-Mo Memorial Gymnasium. The event kicked off with a spectacular opening dance performance by the Extreme Dance Club. This year's theme was "Smart Sustainability, Cross-Disciplinary Innovation, Enterprises’ Favorite," and the "Digital Collection Graduation Ceremony of Tamkang's True Affection" was organized. The event aimed to break spatial limitations and incorporate smart technology as the focus for an online degree conferment ceremony, providing graduating students with a new experience and a sense of happiness. More than 3,000 attendees, including faculty, students, parents, and distinguished guests, participated in the ceremony.

The ceremony was presided over by President Huan-Chao Keh. The honorable guests who attended to extend their congratulations included the Ambassador of Tuvalu, Mr. Bikenibeu Paeniu, and his spouse; the Ambassador of Paraguay, Mr. Carlos Jose Fleitas Rodriguez; the First Secretary of Eswatini, Ms. Abbigail Pieterse; and the Panda Lecturer and Director of the Department of Chinese Language and Culture at the University of Bochum in Germany, Mr. Christian Schwermann, and his spouse.

President Keh, in his speech, mentioned that our university has risen to the 201-300 range in the overall THE World University Rankings for 2023, ranking 6th in the country. The university has also achieved excellent rankings in various international university rankings, and in the surveys conducted by magazines such as "Global View Monthly" and "Cheers", TKU students are recognized as the top choice among private universities for enterprises. This demonstrates that Tamkang University is an influential institution. He encouraged the students to make use of the university's diverse interdisciplinary learning environment, cultivate skills in self-directed learning and interdisciplinary integration, and embrace innovation and transformation to gain an advantage in future employment opportunities. Chairperson Flora Chia-I Chang led the graduating students in reflecting on their university life amidst the pandemic. She believed that everyone has shown resilience and adaptability in facing future challenges. She then encouraged the students to confidently embrace the unforeseeable future with the eight essential qualities they have acquired during their time at the university, which include the "Three Objectives" and "Five Disciplines" of Education, as well as the leadership and communication skills cultivated through club activities and courses. She urged the graduates to uphold the concepts of AI and sustainability, and to spread the spirit of Tamkang University to the world!

Mayor Yu-Ih Hou of New Taipei City also recorded a special video to congratulate the graduating students. He commended Tamkang University graduates for being the top choice among enterprises and expressed his hope that whether they choose further studies or enter the workforce, the students will have a smooth journey. Ms. Abby Hsieh, an alumna of the Department of Mass Communication and Managing Director of Ogilvy Taiwan, reminded the graduates that difficulties in life are encountered every day, but they serve as exercises to strengthen their resilience and provide nourishment for facing future challenges and drastic changes. She encouraged the graduates to make good use of their creativity, freedom, collaboration, and empathy to find work they are passionate about, to face difficulties and challenges with perseverance, and to leverage the alliance-building characteristics of Tamkangians to create their own future.

Dr. Lawrence Lin, the President of the Tamkang University Alumni Association Headquarters, warmly welcomed the graduating students to actively participate in the alumni association. He quoted the words of Amy C. Edmondson, a management expert from Harvard University, to encourage the graduates to set clear goals, foster teamwork, embrace failure, correct mistakes, and iterate their plans. The graduate address was delivered by Yu-An Wu from the Department of Banking and Finance, who led all the graduating students in reminiscing about the four years of their university life. "We are grateful to Tamkang University for creating a fortress of memories for us, allowing our dreams to find a place to flourish. With the spirit of simplicity, truthfulness, firmness, and perseverance, let us embark on the next journey of our lives." Afterwards, the graduates were invited to toss their caps high together.

At the end of the ceremony, everyone sings the school anthem and graduation song together. With the song "To Youth" by Ariel Tsai playing, colorful confetti, paper flowers, and balloons filled the air as fireworks go off. Tears are shed, and hugs are exchanged, marking the end of the graduation ceremony.

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