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Number of Projects Received the NSTC Research Grant for University Students Reaches New Heights

Date 2023-07-05 704 Clicks

The approved results for the 2023 academic year National Science and Technology Commission (NSTC) Research Grant for University Students Program were recently announced. Tamkang achieved a record-breaking total of 72 approved projects, with the College of Business and Management leading with 26 approvals, followed by the College of Engineering with 24. The AI Innovation College also received good news with its first-ever application and approval.

Lin Kai-Lun from the Department of Educational Technology took the theme ‘Study of the Benefit of the Integration of Self-Created AR Glasses, Real-world QA Game Mechanism in POE Teaching Strategy , and AI ChatBot for Enhancing Ecological Environment Curriculum' (自造AR眼鏡實境QA遊戲機制融入POE教學策略與AI ChatBot輔助生態環境課程之效益研究). Special thanks are extended to Assistant Professor Yi-Lung Lin for guidance. The project will focus on creating instructional cards and AR interactions, confirming venues and experimental routes, aiming to complete the research as planned and achieve positive outcomes. As for Yung-Hsiang Hsu from the AI Department, the research topic is 'Image-to-Speech Assistance System for Visually Impaired Individuals based on the Transformer Model' (基於Transformer模型之圖像轉語音視障人士輔助系統) . The project is seen as a challenge to push one's limits, evaluate personal abilities through the college student program, and identify areas for improvement. Appreciation is also expressed for the guidance of the supervising professor. His future plans involve continued research in AI or related fields, potentially integrating them with finance, healthcare, and public welfare sectors.

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