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TKU Faculties and Students headed off to Cambodia for Volunteer Service.

Date 2010-08-10 6960 Clicks

From July 5 to 17, TKU Cambodia Volunteer Service Group headed off to Kampot Province, a three-hour drive from the capital city of Cambodia, for their third time service. The aim of this service was to bridge the digital divide and continue the development of local information technology education. On the way to the destination, four laptops, two desktops and two LCD monitors were prepared as gifts again, and they are carefully carried by the volunteer members along the way. The service hours in this trip were extended and divided into two sections in two locations, offering Chinese curriculum as well as computer learning program. Moreover, the topics of Taiwan festival, folk culture and environmental issue were also integrated into the curriculum.

TKU Cambodia Volunteer Service Group consisted of 15 members had been trained for three months to learn how to design/teach all the curriculums and organize the service activity. Through visiting the local village and interacting with Cambodian students, one of the TKU students said: “ ‘touching’ and ‘contented’ are the words which always appear in our mind. Using our expertise and technical capabilities to provide valuable service is great, and the feedback from this service is gaining much more valuable learning experience.”

Through the questionnaire from the local participants, they all expressed their satisfaction in learning and hoped this activity could be continued, providing them more opportunities to learn and study. On seeing so many kids enjoy and eager for learning, TKU volunteers reflected on their lives and cherished all that they have with full of gratitude and happiness. TKU volunteer mission in Cambodia would not stop and it would keep helping the local to develop Chinese and computer education.