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An Exhibition Honoring Chinese Calligraphy in Taiwan

Date 2011-05-04 7279 Clicks

A display showcasing the work of over 100 Chinese calligraphy masters is currently being held at the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, Taipei. The exhibition was organized by Tamkang University. It began on the 23rd of April, and will continue until May 16. On May 1, the official opening ceremony for the exhibition was held, and was attended by a host of dignitaries, including the president of the Republic of China, Mr. Ma Ying-jeou, the president of Tamkang University, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, and the TKU vice president for administrative affairs, Dr. Po-yuan Kao.

As an art form, Chinese calligraphy in Taiwan has been influenced by a myriad of cultures and traditions. From the Ming and Ching dynasties to the Japanese occupation of Taiwan, and then again to the period of KMT rule; each phase in history has helped to shape Taiwan’s unique and vibrant style of calligraphy.

The exhibition will display the works of 155 calligraphy masters, including Li Chi Mao, Chang Guang Bin, and Zhong Gao Du.