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A New Center and a Better Future for the Blind

Date 2011-07-28 5673 Clicks

In Taiwan, there are laws and regulations that guarantee work for the blind and visually impaired in the massage industry. This is set to change. Starting this October, the safety blanket that once protected the blind and visually impaired will shift to an entirely different industry: the telephone-based customer service industry.

To ensure that this transition goes smoothly, the TKU Center of Resources for the Blind teamed up with Chunghwa Telecom to develop a comprehensive range of products for use by blind customer service representatives. This includes a leading-edge, blind-friendly telephone headset system, as well as specialized personnel training and counseling services. The system has already been tested by 15 blind and visually impaired Chunghwa Telecom customer service representatives, who together conducted an average of around 5,500 telephone-based customer satisfaction surveys per month. One of these service representatives has now been promoted to manager.

The new telephone headset systems are set to be used by blind customer service representatives at the newly established “Eye Innovation Customer Service Center”. A joint venture between TKU and Chunghwa Telecom, the center was officially inaugurated on July 28 at a ceremony held in the World Trade Center, Taipei.

The center will provide consulting services to customer service companies looking to hire blind or visually impaired employees, as well as offering customer service outsourcing solutions. Although still in its initial stages, the center stands to redefine the role of blind and visually impaired in today’s society.