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The TKU Cambodia Volunteer Group

Date 2011-08-08 6859 Clicks

The TKU Cambodia Volunteer Group recently returned from their fifth volunteer trip to Cambodia. From July 8 to 25, the group bonded with the local Cambodian children and designed a range of classes aimed to improve the children's computer and Chinese language abilities.

Before setting out, the volunteer group carefully planned out each of the classes, making sure to account for differences in students' levels of proficiency. During the day, there were basic Chinese classes, Chinese drawing and singing classes, and computer classes for the younger children. Then, in the evening, advanced computer and Chinese language classes were held for the senior students. In the daytime classes, the younger students were taught the Chinese transcription system through the use of picture style flash cards.

Zeng Pei-jing, a fourth year TKU student on her third volunteer trip to Cambodia, described how "on the last day, as the children recited the Chinese alphabet and danced, I felt the greatest sense of accomplishment".