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TKU Student Crowned Microsoft Office World Champion

Date 2011-08-11 14681 Clicks

Recently, TKU student Liao Ru-hsuan took first place in the Powerpoint category of the 2011 Worldwide Competition on Microsoft Office. The competition final was held in San Diego, America, and the preliminary rounds drew a total of around 200,000 entrants from 70 countries. It was Ru-hsuan’s first time entering a software competition.

The astounding result can be traced back to March this year, when she took part in courses to gain Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification and Techficiency Quotient Certification (TQC). In the courses, her exceptional performance made her stand out among classmates. She was rewarded with a scholarship for two entire days of training per week. A little over a month later, she received MOS and TQC licenses. Then, in mid-June, she took part in the local leg of the 2011 Worldwide Competition on Microsoft Office. She came first and qualified for the international component of the tournament. She then underwent stringent training for two months under the guidance of Chen Zhi-yang and Liu Wen-xiu, two TKU students possessing high-level Microsoft Office skills. For the last six months, Ru-hsuan has faced a spectrum of difficulties, disappointments, and problems coordinating course time and training sessions. Through resolute focus on her objectives, she has managed to prevail.

Ru-hsuan commented “I feel I’m so lucky. The certification courses offered by the TKU Career Planning and Placement Section not only allowed me to obtain important licenses, but also helped to pique my interest in Microsoft Office. This then led me to two incredible teachers, who helped me so much along the way. In the past, when I saw acceptance speeches from prize winners who constantly praised their teachers or mentors, I always felt that they lacked a sense of originality. But now I understand: you can’t be the best at something without the help and support of many others. I get it now”.