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Tamsui Youth Learn How to Save Lives

Date 2011-08-24 5607 Clicks

On the morning of Aug 24, TKU staff and local firefighters teamed up to teach young children a range of important safety skills. The children were taught to use fire extinguishers; they learned general principles of firefighting, how to escape if there’s a fire, basic rescue techniques, natural disasters, and how to prepare evacuation kits in the case of emergencies. The children also learned valuable life-saving techniques, such as CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver.

The idea for the event arose from the 3/11 earthquake and tsunami that razed towns along vast stretches of Japanese coastline. It was organized by staff from the TKU Office of Military Education and Training, many of whom worked tirelessly throughout the summer holidays to ensure the event went smoothly. It was designed to teach young children essential safety principles and give children an awareness of the precious nature of human life.