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TKU Employees Walking Their Way to Health

Date 2011-09-21 5668 Clicks

This year from Sept 20 to Dec 20, the TKU Female Faculty and Staff Association will be holding a weekly “Campus Walk” activity to promote healthy living among TKU employees. Held Tuesdays at noon (12:20 to 1:40pm), the activity intends to clear the cobwebs off employees’ exercise gear and get faculty and staff moving.

Each week, before setting out on the walking trail that wraps around the TKU Tamsui Campus, faculty and staff will perform a series of warm up drills demonstrated by the Office of Physical Education. The goal is to help employees get in shape and one day reach the lofty goal of “10,000 steps a day”. To prepare employees, the second session (week 2) will feature explanations of how to use a stepometer and there will be various tests to measure participants' height, weight, waist, body fat and BMI. During the activity, participants can access the Office of Physical Education website to view their progress in terms of ‘total steps taken’, ‘total distance walked’ and ‘total calories burnt’.

In all, over 60 employees signed up for the activity, and in the first session a special guest appearance was made by TKU President, Dr, Flora Chia-I Chang, who encouraged participants. Secretary Tang Man-ching, from the TKU Office of the Secretariat, participated in yesterday’s first session. She exclaimed: “As I’m always really busy with work, it’s often difficult to get away from the office. However, this activity forces me to forget about my work for an hour and get some exercise while taking in the beautiful scenery around the Tamsui Campus. It really lifts your spirits!”