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Short Films Created and Presented for TKU Graduation Ceremony

Date 2014-06-12 7890 Clicks

This year the graduating students of 2014 presented short films to share for their graduation ceremony. In the film they shared some of the knowledge and ideas they accumulated over the years with teachers, students and alumni. They were able to successfully capture and display the unlimited creativity and diversified educational methods that are offered at Tamkang University.

The film called, “The Day’s Silhouette”, was directed by fourth-year student of the Department of Transportation Management, Cheng-yi Cai. Cheng-yi Cai is a good friend of his department and has won countless awards in many different types of competitions. He stated, “Finding inspiration comes from the difficulties and trials that we are faced with in our lives. Later those difficulties can be made into something beautiful that can use to inspire people in need. I hope that this short film will find meaning in the hearts of the graduating students and that they will be encouraged to face the challenges ahead.”

The film, “The Day’s Silhouette,” follows a young girl who is in the gym holding her graduation diploma. She begins to feel a surge of emotions as she remembers her experiences at the university. As she goes through an array of different feelings she is faced with the conflict of having to move on. In the end the director illustrates that graduation is not the ending, but a new beginning. The film an “An Eighth of Youth” displayed all of the many pieces involved in graduation including filming, testing, speaking and ceremony preparation. The story gave the audience warm feelings as it touched on areas of friendship, family and love.

Both films can be found via youtube:

The Day’s Silhouette《那一天的身影》

An Eighth of Youth《八分之一的青春》