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The 2014 Yearly Academic Executive Seminar Takes Place

Date 2014-08-19 3994 Clicks

The Office of Human Resources held the 2014 Yearly Academic Executive Seminar on August 13th and 14th at the Clement Chang International Conference Hall. This seminar included progress reports from the Office of Academic Affairs and the Office of Human Resources. They also invited Dean of the College of Foreign Languages and Literature, Hsi-deh Wu, Professor from the Department of Chinese Language, Shan-pei Yin, Dean of the College of Global Development, Andy Ay-hwa Liou, and Dean of the Department of Finance, Jui-chih Chen to give lectures sharing their vast experience related to management.

The host of this academic seminar was Vice President of Academic Affairs, Huan-chao Keh, who emphasized the importance of planning and modifying each department including curriculum, student study habits and teaching methods. He stated, “The role of each department is crucial in how it blends together to hone the skills of the students.”

President Flora Chia-I Chang began her speech by reminiscing about a time that the founder of TKU university spent as a minister at the Ministry of Transportation and Communications. She used the story to illustrate the importance of communication within each of the Departments of TKU. She stated, “The Departments are the heartbeat of this university and it is important that we create a smooth network of communication in order to establish the most effective educational program.” At the end of her speech, President Chang contributed books to each of the participants with instructions and suggestions of university development.

Afterwards a discussion was held and the members of the seminar were able to ask questions pertaining to the future development of TKU. President Chang emphasized that all of the departments must continue to utilize the Spirit of Excellence’s educational program as a guideline for curriculum design. She also pointed out the importance of continually using and establishing academic industry exchanges to give students direct work experience.