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The Expatriated Youth Study Tour is Hosted by TKU

Date 2014-08-14 2952 Clicks

After 10 years of living abroad Asian Canadian students, Hao-kui Hu and Hao-yi Hu, said they were overjoyed to have the opportunity to return to Taiwan. They stated that during their time away, Taiwan had undergone many different changes in appearance and fashion that they were excited to learn about. They returned to Taiwan with 46 student visitors for the Expatriate Youth Taiwan Study Tour.

This year’s Expatriated Youth Taiwan Study Tour was hosted by TKU and involved participants from Canada, Japan, Europe and other places in Asia who will tour and sightsee in Taiwan for 3 weeks. Dean of the Division of Continuing Education, Hsiang-hua Chou, stated, “This is an opportunity for Asian youth to explore the enriched history, culture and natural areas of Taiwan. It’s my hope that they will be able to absorb a lot from this experience as they travel out into the country areas.” Aside from just exploring the scenery in Tamsui, the participants will also experience northern Taiwan through the convenience of the MRT.

In addition to taking tours, the participants will also attend DIY courses that will give them a deeper understanding of Taiwanese traditions and arts. They will also be able to take unique and beautiful souvenirs for when they return home. The students will also spend time at cultural museums while dining on the assorted flavors of Taiwanese cuisines. All of the participants mentioned that Taiwanese people were especially polite and the places were very clean. Hao-yi Hu stated, “This is the first time this tour has taken place in Taiwan and it’s obvious that Taiwan has improved a lot over the years.”