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The 2014 TKU Summer Services Trip to Cambodia Takes Place

Date 2014-08-21 3205 Clicks

“3C products or products involving Computer, Communication and Consumerism are already a part of modern daily life in Taiwan. Yet being able to give these products to the less fortunate and seeing the joy it brought into their lives left an unimaginable impression.” Said Xin-fang Li, student of the Department of Chemistry and member of the Cambodia Volunteer Services organization. Student from the Department of Civil Engineering, Ruo-xuan Lin stated, “This 23-day trip of offering our services was very rememberable. I think if we had only been sightseeing it would have left a much shallower impression on us.”

The Cambodia Volunteer Service Group was lead by Mei-lan Lee, who stated, “The 2014 Cambodia Summer Service Trip involved 3 teachers, 16 members and 500 kg. of study materials, stationery, toothbrushes and second hand clothing. We all had a great experiences exchanging education and culture for 23 days. For this trip we emphasized giving both Chinese language and computer courses. When the classes were finished, we had the opportunity to meet and work with TCO (Trailblazer Cambodia Organization. and BSAD (Buddhism for Social Development Action).”

Student from the Department of Western Language, Zhi-ying Chen, stated, “I never knew that you could gain so much from teaching. I discovered teaching can be very free and it’s a great form of sharing with each other. After I got into the rhythm of it, I wasn’t scared or nervous, it was a really great experience that I will always treasure.”