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An Outstanding Alumnus Returns to Tamkang

Date 2016-12-30 7161 Clicks

To date, Tamkang University has produced over 250,000 alumni from all walks of life who reside in various countries around the world. Many of these former students have achieved great success in their respective fields. Take Mr Jung Pin Wu, for example, the founder and chairman of QST International Corp., which produces automotive fasteners and metal parts used by the world's ten largest car manufacturers. Mr Jung graduated from the TKU Department of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering in 1980. After 36 years away from his alma mater, on December 28, 2016, Mr Jung returned to TKU to deliver a special lecture on the topic of "Ego and Self" and to distribute scholarships.

In attendance at the lecture were numerous members of TKU faculty and staff, including the TKU Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Keh Huan Chao, the Vice President of International Affairs, Dr. Wan-Chin Tai, the Dean of College of Engineering, Prof. Hsu Hui Huang, and the Dean of the College of Foreign Languages and Litrature, Lucia Chen, among others.

In the lecture on "Ego and Self", Mr. Jung explained that society is made up of various ‘individual egos’, and that at the core of all problems is the ‘ego’. This is why discussing the ‘ego’ is so vital. He emphasized the importance of knowing what one should do, how to do it, and of doing the right thing. You have to be inspired, he said, but don't just cling to a dream without taking the actions necessary to fulfil that dream.