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An Art Display Showcasing the Beauty of Tamsui

Date 2018-10-29 3380 Clicks

To help celebrate Tamkang University's 68th anniversary, the Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center, Tamsui Campus, is currently holding an art exhibition that began on Oct 17 and will run until Dec 14, 2018. The exhibition includes 97 works of art from 43 separate artists.

On the morning of Oct 26, an opening ceremony was held to mark the start of the exhibition. 25 people took part in the opening ceremony event, including the TKU Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Shi-Feng Chuang. In her opening remarks, Dr. Chuang noted that although Tamkang University does not have a Department of Fine Arts or Department of Musicology, it nevertheless strives to nurture students' artistic needs and create students of exceptional character. To do this, TKU emphasizes its "three objectives of education": globalization, information-oriented and future-oriented education, as well as its "five disciplines of education", which includes conduct, intelligence, education, teamwork, and beauty. Apart from providing students with a greater appreciation of art, the various exhibitions held at the Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center also provide faculty and staff with the opportunity to frequently view art displays and attend concerts on campus, which serves among other things as an outlet for stress, a way of relaxing and letting go of pressure.

The exhibition showcases various aspects of Tamsui, the local district in which the Tamsui Campus is located. Paintings include depictions of boats moored at the Tamsui River, Tamsui residents, Tamsui houses, and many other components that make up Tamsui.

The ceremony also included speeches from the organizer of the exhibition and participating artist, Gu Chong-Guang, as well as the Director of the Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center, Chang Bing-Huang.