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A Blood Donation Drive on the TKU Tamsui Campus

Date 2018-11-29 3807 Clicks

The Tamkang University Scout Group has for a long time been collaborating with the Taipei Blood Center. Each semester, the TKU Scout Group promotes activities related to blood-donation, hoping to inspire students and faculty to put into action the sentiment behind the popular slogan "one donation can save one human life". To help garner more support for the cause, Dr. Huan-Chao Keh – the newly-appointed President of TKU – personally visited the recent blood-donation drive held on the morning of Nov 27, 2018 at the Tamsui Campus.

While at the event, he donated blood and was in fact the first donor and the first individual blood donor of the day. President Keh remarked that by taking part in the event, he wished to serve as a role model and to lead by example. He was accompanied at the event by numerous senior TKU faculty and staff members, including the Chair of the TKU Scout Group, Wen-chih Huang, the Dean of Student Affairs, Lin Chun-Hung, the Section Chief of the Extracurricular Activities Guidance Section, and experienced girls scout guidance counselor, Chen Hui-Chuan, among others. Among the participants, Mr. Huang, the Chair of the Scout Group, holds an incredible record for blood donation, having donated blood over 100 times.

To encourage even more students to participate in public service activities, the TKU Department of History Association was enlisted to help promote the event. Located on the TKU Tamsui Campus near the Business Building, the two blood donation trucks will remain on the campus where they will be accepting donations until 5pm on Nov 29.