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A Display Showcasing the Achievements of the USR Scheme

Date 2018-11-29 3540 Clicks

The Ministry of Education launched the University Social Responsibility (USR) Initiative in 2017 with a three-fold objective: to fortify the connection between universities and their broader communities, to assist universities hoping to embrace social responsibility, and to nurture and train university students capable of creating greater value for local areas. Under the USR scheme, students are guided to form cross-disciplinary teams and identify and explore local issues that require tackling. Students then divvy up the tasks involved and work together to solve local, district-based problems. In the process of carrying out this community-based work, participants experience a sense of being "needed" or relied upon by the community, and gain a taste for helping others.

To showcase the progress made to date as part of the scheme, an exhibition was held Nov 27-30 at the Black Swan Exhibition Hall, Tamsui Campus. Through the exhibition, visitors gained an insight into all the effort invested and goals achieved by Tamkang students. A ceremony to mark the start of the display was held on the 27th, and featured opening remarks by the TKU Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Chii-Dong Ho. In his speech, Dr. Ho noted that Tamkang University's professional knowledge and service learning courses allow students to accumulate practical experience and gain real-life knowledge by serving the wider community. He expressed his hope that, though freshmen may enter university as "Tamkang students", due to the influence of the USR project, they may leave college as "Tamsui residents".

On Nov 28 the Chairperson of Tamkang University, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, accompanied visitors from Western Sydney University, as well as members of the Ministry of Education, on a tour of the exhibition.