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The 2018 International Smart Campus Conference and Exhibition

Date 2018-12-05 3246 Clicks

For many years, Tamkang University has been promoting an information-oriented curriculum as a way of matching students' abilities with current development trends. Such trends include big data, artificial intelligence, mobile communications, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things. TKU's information-oriented approach also helps students deal better with the challenges and opportunities brought on by technological change. Looking forward, through a combination of IT education and campus service programs, TKU is hoping to create study hubs commonly referred to as "smart campuses".

As part of this drive toward smart campuses, Tamkang University recently held the 2018 International Smart Campus Conference and Exhibition. The event was held at two separate locations: the Shou-Chien International Conference Hall (Nov 27-28), Tamsui Campus, and the TKU Taipei Campus (Nov 29). It centered on the theme "University Digital Transformation - Practice and Implementation" and touched on various topics, including an analysis of studies related to school administration, administrative applications of smart campuses, smart classrooms, teaching innovations, and information safety. Experts from various technical fields and employees working in these areas were invited to discuss these issues and share their experiences. Three keynote speeches were delivered in total.

The Conference was organized jointly by Tamkang University and ELECT, which is a consortium of prestigious universities known as the Excellent Long-Established University Consortium of Taiwan (ELECT). The event commenced with opening remarks made by the TKU President, Dr. Huan-Chao Keh, and the TKU Chairperson, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang. The duo thanked the various members of ELECT for their attendance, while also extending gratitude to the numerous attendees from other local universities in Taiwan and sister universities in Mainland China. Opening addresses were also delivered by Shen Fu-ke, the Secretary General of the Information Branch of the Mainland China Higher Education Association, and Chang Feng-Yuan, Senior Executive Officer at the Department of Commerce, MOEA.

Later in the Conference, with Senior Executive Officer Chang as an official witness, TKU President Keh signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation with Kuo Yong-Chi, the Chairman of the New Taipei City Smart City Consortium. The collaboration will generate internship opportunities for TKU students, while allowing the Consortium to draw on TKU's considerable academic resources.

The Conference and Exhibition attracted attendees from 39 local Taiwanese universities, 12 Mainland Chinese sister universities and related divisions, and 13 local business, with a total attendee count of 285 people.