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[Announcement] Restoration of Courses Conducted in the Swimming Pool

Date 2020-06-01 1370 Clicks

1. According to the instructions in confirmation No. 1090062542 of the Ministry of Education for the regulations of teachings swimming lessons are as followed.

2. With the relevant guidelines and principles of the National Health Command Center, Shao-Mo Memorial Natatorium Complex will open deliberately through phases. Courses conducted in the swimming pool will resume on May 25th, 2020; the fitness area will remain closed temporarily.

3. According to the written regulations of the epidemic prevention policies, in addition to the reinforcement of the monitoring of swimming pool water quality and environmental disinfection, measures such as flow control monitoring, body temperature monitoring, maintaining safe social distancing, and accentuating the concept of epidemic preventions are still required.

4. All faculties and staff members are obligated to assist with the body temperature monitoring, promoting the concept of epidemic preventions, controlling and monitoring of people entering the pool, and maintaining safe social distancing.

5. The follow-up control measures will be adjusted according to the status of the epidemic and the guidelines and specifications of the National Health Command Center.