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The 2020 Commencement Ceremony for Tamkang University Implementation Modalities

Date 2020-06-02 1773 Clicks

2020 Commencement Ceremony Itinerary
2020 Commencement Ceremony Itinerary


June 13th, 2020 (Saturday) 10 AM.


According to the policies of the National Health Command Center, everyone attending the ceremony must maintain a 1.5-meter indoor social distancing or wear face masks at all times. Tamkang University Tamsui Campus will carry out the 2020 Commencement at Shao-Mo Memorial Gymnasium (7th Floor) and broadcast the ceremony via live video.


1. President, Chairperson (Board of Trustees), and all related first and second level supervisors.

2. Certified and awarded representatives of graduates.

3. Graduate representatives from each college/department.

4. One-tenth of the maximum capacity of each ceremonial location is open to the graduates’ relatives and friends. Each graduate is limited to bringing one relative or friend, and the relatives and friends of the certified or award-winning graduates will have prioritized admittance.


1. All entrants must present certified documents or identifications and conduct body temperature screening along with hand sanitization before entering. Face mask must be worn at all times with the following EXCEPTIONS:

1. On-stage teachers, commanders, and emcee, able to maintain a 1.5-meter safe social distancing.

2. Award-winning and certified graduates, and graduate representatives while addressing a speech

3. Graduates taking pictures with relatives or friends.

2. The list of graduates and graduates’ relatives and friends attending the ceremony will be conducted by each college. Please provide the roster of all attendants to the Office of Student Affairs before June 3rd for verification purposes. On the day of the ceremony, all colleges/institutes throughout campus must verify all entrants according to the roster provided, and the Office of Student Affairs will lead and seat entrants accordingly. No further inspections will be performed at the entrance of the ceremonial venue.

3. Graduates and relatives/friends of graduates who are unable to enter the ceremonial venues may walk to the resting area in front of the Communication Hall or the Student Activity Center to watch the live broadcast of the ceremony.

4. To avoid overcrowding at ceremonial campuses, entry access control will be strictly implemented on Commencement day. All visitors will not be allowed on campus (graduates’ relatives and friends exempted). All departments and colleges are advised to instruct all non-graduates to not come to school.