The Total Amount of Full-Time Teacher Research Awards Exceeds NTD $8 Million Dollars

DATE 2021/01/03 VISITORS 577

The Total Amount of Full-Time Faculty Research Awards Exceeds NTD 8 Million Dollars

The Human Resources Department recently announced the 2020 academic year full-time teacher research award list, including academic journal articles, academic books, academic journal papers, academic book citations, creative performances, and sports competitions. The total amount is NTD $8.28 million dollars. Among them, academic journal papers awarded a total of 187 papers to 102 teaching faculties, with a total amount of NTD $7,501,980. In comparison with last year's academic journal papers for a single year, 174 papers to 94 teaching faculties were awarded a total amount of NTD $6,226,620.

Regarding this result, the Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Chii-Dong Ho mentioned that in addition to the teaching faculties actively conducting research, the university remains full supportive by providing relative strengths. The "R&D Summit" gave the full-time teaching faculties of the university the opportunity to share relevant research experiences and also proposed to optimize the research environment; recently, team integration has been conducted through the R&D platform, introducing faculties with special achievements in R&D, providing cross-domain cooperation, and leading honorary students in the Ministry of Science and Technology College Student Program, etc. Appreciation and acknowledgment send to the faculties for their research efforts, allowing Tamkang's academic energy to grow continuously."