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Abby Hsieh, the Managing Director of Ogilvy: Value the Philosophy of Mutual Trust Among Partners

Date 2021-03-22 1989 Clicks

Keep Receiving New Knowledges & Learning from the Young

In an advertising public relations company, teamwork presents great work and the best way to provide proposals. "I started as an intern in Ogilvy. Empathy is the interaction between the supervisor and the partners." In the workplace, Abby Hsieh is good at interpersonal communications. In the book, she not only provides advice on workplace practical experience to newcomers in the society but also tells supervisors how to cultivate tacit understanding with partners, especially in the face of advanced technology and rapid information. She believes that as a supervisor, one needs to listen to the ideas of the young. In addition to listening, one must also learn to put down egos and learn about unknown areas.

She enjoys asking the young, do you understand the life of slashies? Do you live the slashies? Unlike ordinary business executives, she has studied the various states of the young in the environment and put herself in the shoes of her partners. She is a model of the industry in terms of work and interpersonal communication. Advertising public relations companies must change the way they communicate with consumers as time progresses. She mentioned: "Although we can learn new advertising public relations techniques all the time, every time I have to be cautious about the transformation.” She believes that if she is not familiar with the new knowledge at first, she may not excel with other partners. She confidently said: “We must learn from the young in terms of technology and skills, but in terms of strategy, we still need to obtain and withhold."

She used to work as a special intern reporter for the Kaohsiung China Times in the field of mass communication, and an intern in the studio shooting group of Tamkang. Finally, she hoped to cultivate problem-solving skills and communicate with the media so then she chose to become an advertising intern in Ogilvy during the last summer vacation of her academic career.

After graduating, she successfully joined Ogilvy. She said: "Some things don’t need to be changed as soon as I chose the right one. I am passionate about this job. It can help me learn new knowledge, develop creativity, and even build resonance with consumers through communication.” After working in this job for a while, her health sign flashed a warning sign, and she chose to leave the company because of the deterioration of her immune system due to hyperthyroidism.