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Matching Rate of Campus Employment Expo Exceeds 40%

Date 2021-03-22 2159 Clicks

Matching Rate of Campus Employment Expo Exceeds 40%

Tamkang University and the New Taipei City Labor Bureau held the "2021 New Taipei City Campus Employment Expo" at 10 am on March 17 at the Student Activity Center and Poster Street. New Taipei City Mayor You-Yi Hou, President Dr. Huan-Chao Keh, Vice President of Administrative Affairs Dr. Shi-Feng Chuang, Vice President of International Affairs Dr. Kao-Cheng Wang, Chairman of the Alumni Association of the Republic of China Jian-Xiang Lin, and others attended the opening ceremony.

This is the first and largest campus employment expo in New Taipei City after the COVID-19 pandemic. The event is integrated into the SDGs sustainable development goals and the proposed themes are "Business Favorites, Courageous Pre-Employment, Salary for the Future, and Sustainable Development." According to statistics from the Employment Service Department of the New Taipei City Government, a total of 1,386 people posted their resumes and the manufacturer plans to hire 571 people, with a matchmaking rate of 41.2%.

A total of 94 manufacturers participated in the Expo, including SINBON Electronics, Shanghai Banking Technology, WinMao Semiconductor, Regent International Hotel, Ding Tai Fung, Haidilao, and E-Commerce Website Shopee Entertainment, and many other well-known companies, providing more than 3,300 job vacancies. Combining and adopting the method of rectifying the real and combining the virtual, not only did physical companies recruit talents, but also cooperated with 1111 Human Resource Bank to provide online employment channels, so that Tamkang students may understand the job market and the status of their favorite companies within the university to improve employment opportunities.

At the opening ceremony, President Keh mentioned that this year is the seventh time that Tamkang co-organized a job fair with the New Taipei City Government. "For many years, the New Taipei City Labor Bureau has chosen this university to benefit the young people, and Tamkang has benefited a lot." He further emphasized, "Soon, graduates should actively participate in activities and submit resumes. Students of other grades may also participate as early as possible to understand market trends and seek employment."

Within the speech of the New Taipei City Mayor, You-Yi Hou also affirmed Tamkang University's efforts and leadership in recruiting talents on campus. He believes: "When seeking employment, one needs to ask for more, listen to more, and understand. One must set a few principles for the goals within the mind, seek first and then ask for better, gradually experience the joy of working."