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Risk Management & Insurance Department Alumna Shiu-Ling Huang Donates NT$ 20 million, Expecting to Award NT$ 200,000 to the Top Student in Each Grade

Date 2023-09-18 837 Clicks

As our university's Department of Risk Management and Insurance, which is celebrating its 58th anniversary (formerly known as the Department of Insurance), has many outstanding alumni, this month, at the start of the academic year, retired teacher and alumna Shiu-Ling Huang has generously donated her personal savings of NT$ 20 million to establish the "RMi Scholarship" with the aim of giving back to her alma mater and nurturing talented insurance professionals. This scholarship is designed to attract excellent students to apply for the Risk Management and Insurance Department at our university. Chair of the department, Dr. Jyun-Ji Tien expressed that this scholarship is like a timely gift and provides significant encouragement to undergraduate students.

Shiu-Ling Huang served as a faculty member in our university's Department of Insurance (now the Department of Risk Management and Insurance) for 30 years, during which she held the position of department chair and was also the founder of Rish Management, Insurance & Finance (RMi) Magazine Inc. This donation represents the largest contribution ever made to the Department of Risk Management and Insurance. It will be applicable to new students starting from the academic year 2020, and relevant issues will adhere to the "Tamkang University Risk Management & Insurance Scholarship Management Regulations".

The scholarship is expected to be awarded to undergraduate students majoring in Risk Management and Insurance. It will be given to the top student in each grade from the first to the fourth year, as well as the outstanding student with the highest overall academic performance upon graduation. There will be a total of 5 scholarship recipients each year. Each of them will receive NT$ 200,000. A total of NT$ 1 million will be distributed annually, continuing for 20 years.

The scholarship will be managed by a review committee consisting of faculty members from the Department of Risk Management and Insurance, i.e., the department scholarship review committee, including the department chair as the convener. The committee will meet at least once a year to evaluate scholarship applications, review scholarship recommendations, and assess the effectiveness of the program. Once the list of scholarship recipients is approved by the department scholarship committee, it will be submitted to the RMi Education Foundation. After the list of recipients is confirmed, the awardees are required to sign an affidavit before receiving the scholarship.

This scholarship will be managed through a dedicated account set up by the Finance Office of our university, and will be used in 2 ways as follows: 1) An amount of NT$ 10 million will be managed non-fund style, and scholarships will be issued annually for 10 year after the initial contribution; 2) the other amount of NT$ 10 million will be managed as a fund, and the interest generated from it will be used to support the departmental development. The principal will be released from the fund starting from the 10th year after the initial contribution and will be used to award scholarships from the eleventh to the twentieth year.

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