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KU Participates in the ESG GVM Common Good Circle, Advancing towards Sustainability Excellence

Date 2023-09-25 467 Clicks

On September 7th, the establishment ceremony of the ESG GVM Common Good Circle founded by Global Views Monthly (GVM) Magazine took place at the Syntrend Show Exhibition Hall at the 12th floor of the Syntrend Creative Park. Our university was represented by the Chief Audit Executive and the Executive Secretary of the Center for Sustainable Development and Social Innovation (SDSI), Dr. Yen-Ling Lin. The event was attended by nearly 70 company and university members, and over 200 participants from the business, government, and academia. In the afternoon, the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Director of SDSI, Dr. Hui-Huang Hsu, attended the sharing session to hear about relevant exemplary cases.

The ESG GVM Common Good Circle is established on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the GVM ESG Corporate Sustainability Awards. It invites outstanding domestic companies and universities that have implemented social responsibility achievements to jointly establish the ESG GVM Common Good Circle. The core spirit of this initiative is interdisciplinary learning, knowledge sharing, exemplar co-creation, and sustainable common good. Through methods such as integrating ESG and USR resource platforms, sharing foundational theories and classic case implementations, matching companies with universities, organizing trend forums, and HBR (Harvard Business Review) knowledge learning, it encourages large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises to work together towards sustainability. Simultaneously, it provides a platform for collaboration between companies and schools in sustainable affairs, jointly advancing towards sustainability excellence.

Dr. Hsu explained the reason for our university's participation in the ESG GVM Common Good Circle. In March of this year, our university was nominated for the 2023 GVM USR University Award based on our 2021 Sustainability Report. As a result, we were invited to join. He believes that the scope of ESG is broad and is a prevailing trend in human social development. Especially after hearing related case sharing, he realized that despite our university's active efforts in recent years, such as establishing SDSI, creating Cloud Campus 2.0, developing energy-saving systems, and offering relevant courses, there is still room for growth. Therefore, after seeking approval from the university president, we decided to participate in the Common Good Circle. The goal is to draw from the experiences of member companies and schools to effectively enhance our university's performance while also giving back our experiences. This will further collaboration with businesses or other institutions to achieve common good. Finally, Dr. Hsu emphasized, "The promotion of ESG requires everyone's participation, especially since Tamkang is an educational institution. ESG should be fully integrated into teaching, leading students to gradually understand and practice it, equipping them with a solid foundation to enhance their competitiveness in the workplace."

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