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Tamkang Wins EPA Environmental Award

Date 2011-09-27 5533 Clicks

Tamkang University recently became the first university in Taiwan to receive the highest honor awarded by the Executive Yuan’s Executive Protection Administration (EPA): the 20th ROC Enterprise Environmental Protection Award. The award will be presented to Tamkang University at a ceremony to be held on Oct 28.

The award is designed to encourage Taiwanese enterprises with outstanding environmental records and urge other enterprises to follow suit. Tamkang received the award thanks to its ongoing emphasis on the environment. In particular, TKU has implemented a campus-wide recycling policy; it previously won the Executive Yuan’s “green building” award for its construction of the Lanyang Campus, and has implemented a comprehensive electricity and water saving policy at each of its campuses, including the installment of energy saving systems and user-sensor water facilities. Moreover, TKU has promoted environmental conservation through its myriad courses related to the environment, its service learning courses that help clean up the local Danshui environment, and its overall promotion of environmental issues through TKU media and student performances.

The TKU Dean of General Affairs, Dr. Jeng Hoang-ell, said the efficient implementation of environmental policies was only possible due to TKU’s mechanism of total quality management. In the future, he added, TKU will continue to improve its environmental performance by promoting related issues among Tamkang’s 28,000 plus students.