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Ushering in the Year of the Pig with the TKU Year-End Gala

Date 2019-01-31 4284 Clicks

On Jan 31 2019, TKU held its annual Year-End Gala at the TKU Student Activity Center, which soon filled up with faculty and staff, as well as retired staff who returned to Tamkang to celebrate with former colleagues.

The Gala commenced with an opening address by the President of Tamkang University, Dr. Huan-Chao Keh. President Keh said that under the concerted guidance of the four TKU vice presidents, and thanks to the hard work of all faculty and staff, over the past year Tamkang has posted a number of incredible achievements, be it in the areas of teaching and research, administration, international exchange, collaboration with local business, or externally administered school evaluations. He took the opportunity to thank the entire body of faculty and staff for their tireless efforts, explaining that TKU’s success over the past 68 years since its inception could largely be traced to the school’s founder and the successive line of presidents who helped it grow even further, along with the vast sea of employees who have served at Tamkang along the way.

As always, the Gala featured a myriad of money giveaways, including prizes for excellence in teaching and for exceptional scores on teacher evaluations.

This year's Gala program was organized jointly by the TKU Office of Alumni Services and Resource Development and the Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs (OICSA). The performances were lively and diverse in nature, and included a dragon dance show performed by a renowned Taiwanese dance troupe, and a vibrant dance number by a group of foreign students from the Republic of Kiribati.